About Us

FJ Chalke have been around since 1929, the family business has passed through the generations, with showrooms throughout Somerset and 6 franchises Inc. Abarth, Fiat, Isuzu, Kia and Nissan, the company continues to grow and grow.

Nissan has been a part of the Group since 1988, with our very own EV-R brand evolving in 2018. EV-R came as an evolution propelled by the amount of people purchasing trucks from our Business Centre and requesting custom parts for their new vehicles. This included anything from high lift kits, off-road tyres and even full custom leather interiors.


That’s when we realised, we needed to make these custom trucks happen!

EV-R is totally exclusive to FJ Chalke and we get as excited about customising your vehicle as much as you do.

Our latest project offers our customers a vehicle with true individuality. We have teamed up with the world-renowned design team at Carlex to produce the ultimate EV-R, the ‘Zeus’. The sporty profile of the vehicle has been remodelled by concept designers in the Carlex design studio making the EV-R ‘Zeus’ not only our most visually attractive EV-R but also innovative and technologically advanced.

The EV-R can be built to your needs, interior options include custom leather upholstery with embossed headrests and exclusive stitching patterns, we have added audio and performance upgrades, plus we can get up to 248 bhp, a huge increase from the standard 188bhp.

The Pedders extreme suspension upgrade will give you an extra 30ml height in addition to the standard Nissan Navara, offering a great compromise of extra comfort and off-road ability.

Our EV-R journey started with trucks, next on our project list was a custom-made van.

We wanted to create an alternative vehicle to our competitors, VW and Ford and so the EV-R Atlas was born. A great option for achieving the balance between work and lifestyle but including a full body kit upgrade, alloy wheels, window tints, full de-chrome and audio upgrade.

It’s easy - Choose the EV-R that suits you, work with us to help you stand out from the crowd, then leave the rest to us!

We look forward to discussing your project with you.